Why Indy?

The only constant in the indie music segment during this past decade of radical change is that indie musicians do most of the creative work and get the smallest share of the profits.


The large digital resellers of music have created a user experience expectation that poses a challenge because it is integrated and seamless. Easy purchase. Easy downloads. No hassle – namely, no zip files or individual downloads – buy and listen!

The Indy Music software tool set provides just that kind of system to indie musicians so that the fan experience is the same! And we can provide it at an affordable cost!

What makes the Indy Music Tech’s product line unique is a complete end-to-end solution for musicians to create, manage and sell physical and digital products off their own web site.

Visit our Products page for the details, but suffice it to say we provide a scalable e-commerce software offering that includes:

  • Sale of physical and digital products (albums, downloads & merch)
  • A download manager to deliver music files without Zip files or manual links
  • Apps for seamless integration to Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices
  • A stand-alone free music player for iOS devices

Indy Music Tech goes to market under the “Indy Music Sales” brand of hosted software as service products. IMT now offers specialized hosting for musicians that fully integrates your web site with the best independent e-commerce solution available.

The result: your web site presentation and store fulfilment is equal or better than the “big guys” but you’re receiving full retail price.